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If you’re a copywriter or beginner freelance writer looking to bring in an extra $1,000+ a month, then you already know how hard it can be to find high-quality clients.

Does this sound like you?

You know that in order to bring in consistent monthly revenue, you need to find high-paying clients—and fast! Yet, you can't seem to find them.

You follow other freelancer writers that make it look so easy, yet none of their strategies seem to work for you.

You're writing for pennies and can't imagine how anyone makes significant money freelancing.

You're constantly learning new skills and digesting industry knowledge that, let's be honest, just doesn't pay off. 

If you're ready to put your knowledge into action, it's time to take a step forward.

By the end of this program,

you will… 


  • Know how to find high-paying clients 

Finding quality clients doesn't have to be hard. And once you know where to find them—and ensure they can find you—you can start bringing in $$. 

  • Understand the mindset needed to be successful

Successful freelancers see themselves as entrepreneurs, and know that in order to make real money, they have to push past their comfort zones. 

  • Learn the highest-paying types of content 

It's not enough to just be a writer anymore. Businesses prioritize writers who understand SEO and the content strategy behind the work. 

  • Build a portfolio that showcases your genius

If your portfolio isn't converting, it may be that your work isn't showing your unique skills. Together, we'll build a portfolio that showcases your genius.

  • Select your services and learn how to price them

We'll work to prioritize your services based on your skills, and run cost calculators to land on the right prices.

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Each month we select a limited number of applicants. Apply today to join the waiting list! 

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What’s Inside Write Your Way to 4 Figure Freedom


Module 1

Building a Foundation

In our first week together, we'll work on shifting your mindset to think like an entrepreneur, learn how to set structures and bandwidth for business, and discover your "why."

Module Highlights:

  • Mindset Shifts
  • Bandwidth
  • Structures + Tools
  • Your Why
Module 2

Mastering Your Skills

Understand the types of copywriting and SEO services you can sell, along with learning the fundamentals behind each. You'll also get an overview of how you can use keyword research to bring more value to your content. 

Module Highlights:

  • Types of Copywriting Deliverables
  • Copywriting Tips + Tools
  • Types of SEO Deliverables
  • SEO Tips + Tools
  • Overview of Keyword Research
Module 3

Dialing In Your Offer

Once you know the types of content you can sell to clients, it's time to select your niche and your services. We'll also calculate exactly how much you should be charging, and how to increase your prices down the road.

Module Highlights:

  • Your Niche
  • Your Audience
  • Your Services
  • Your Pricing
  • Your Contract
Module 4

Booking Clients

Once you know exactly who your audience is, it's time to understand where to find prospects, how to pitch yourself, and how you can use SEO to bring clients to you.

Module Highlights:

  • Resume + Cover Letter
  • Prospecting on LinkedIn
  • Utilizing Upwork
  • Cold Pitching
  • Contacting Dormant Ties
Module 5

Scaling Your Genius

Whether you realize it or not, there's a deeper meaning behind your writing. Each of us has a super genius—a skill that fuels our work. Not only will we uncover this, but we'll work on how you can utilize this skill to scale your business. 

Module Highlights:

  • Your Genius
  • Defining Your Process
  • Communicating With Ease
  • Scaling Your Business
Module 6

The Final Pieces

During our last week together, you're going to work on creating a killer portfolio that showcases your amazing skills. I'll also share with you parting resources to ensure you're equipped to create and grow a successful freelance copywriting business.

Module Highlights:

  • Your Portfolio
  • Spec Work
  • Making It Happen
  • Portfolio Party!!

When you enroll during this limited time period,

you’ll get:


Write Your Way to 4 Figure Freedom
(A $1,100 Value)

6 Modules

To take you from confused about how to find clients and price your services, to knowing exactly where to find clients, how to price your services, and the types of deliverables that will help you bring in an extra $1K+ a month.

Learn How to Land Clients

I know that finding clients is incredibly challenging. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, you're going to learn how to master 4 methods to land quality clients. 

Gain Confidence In Your Value

Imposter syndrome might be holding you back, but once you understand your genius, you'll realize just how valuable and unique your skills are.

Know How to Scale Your Business

When it comes to freelancing, the ceiling is uncapped for how much money you can make. You'll understand key tips to continue scaling your business.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Deliver Work Clients Will Love 


Bonus 1

Keyword Analysis and Project Plan Template

A keyword template and behind-the-scenes strategies that some of he biggest SEO agencies use. 

(A $2,000+ Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Editable Template
  • Video Tutorial
  • Step-By-Step Instructions
Bonus 2

Successful Cold Pitching Templates

20+ cold pitching tips with helpful templates so you know exactly what to say and who to say it to.

(A $500+Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Cold Pitching Templates 
  • 20+ Cold Pitching Tips
  • Follow-Up Sequence



Still thinking about it?


Writ Your Way to 4-Figure Freedom is PERFECT for you if… 

  • You're an aspiring writer who wants to get paid for their passion.
  • You're a corporate copywriter who wants to make extra money selling the skills they already have on the side.
  • You're a beginner freelancer who's struggling to find clients and bring in the money you deserve.
  • You're an experienced freelancer who wants to learn more about SEO and different prospecting methods

I can’t wait for you to join Write Your Way to 4 Figure Freedom

I know from my own experience that the fastest way to achieve your goals is to learn from someone who has the results you want.

Stopping waiting for the "right" moment and take action today. 

Can't wait to see how much we can accomplish together. 

Lindsey Stefanka

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